Admission Requirements and Procedures

New Students, Transferees and Foreign Students
  1. Secure and accomplish Application Form from the Guidance Office.
  2. Submit all the admission requirements with the accomplished application form to the Guidance and Counseling Office and secure the testing schedule.
    1. PSA certified Birth Certificate (2 photocopies)
    2. Baptismal Certificate (2 photocopies)
    3. Confirmation Certificate (for incoming High School students)
    4. Report Card (Original and Photocopy
    5. Medical Certificate
    6. 2 pieces Recent 2×2 ID colored pictures of the student applicant
    7. 1 piece recent 1×1 ID colored picture of both parents
    8. Immunization Record (for Kindergarten to Grade 1)
    9. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school last attended duly signed by the Principal
      (Grade 4 – Grade 12)
    10. Additional Requirements for foreign students and dependents of former Filipino citizens below
      18 years of age.
      1. Certificate/Proof of Compliance with Bureau of Immigration requirements and the
        Department of Foreign Affairs
      2. Certificate of true copy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) signed by the officer
      3. Special study permit
      4. Original and photocopy of passport
      5. The curriculum year placement of foreign students shall be based on submitted
        credentials and the results of entrance tests and interviews
  1. Take the Entrance Test at the Guidance Office on the scheduled date and time.
  2. Undergo preliminary interview with the Guidance Officers.
  3. Proceed to the Registrar’s Office for the enrollment procedures.

Age Requirement 


4 years old by October 31 of the current school year


5 years old by October 31 of the current school year

Grade 1

Finished Kindergarten (EECD) and has LRN

Scholarships/ Subsidies. From time to time, the school administration shall announce availability of scholarships or subsidies on tuition fees from government (ESC), foundations, parents and alumni associations, and other benefactors.

Tuition Discounts.
A. Academic Discounts
For incoming Grade 1 to Grade 10 (For Old & New Students)
Rank 1 100%
Rank 2 50%
Rank 3 25%
For incoming Grades 11 and 12 (Old and New Students from private schools)
Rank 1 100%
Rank 2 75%
Rank 3 50%
Rank 4 20%
Rank 5 10%
B. Siblings Discount
This is given to students/pupils who are enrolled at the same time.
2nd Child 50%
3rd Child 30%
4th and Succeeding Child 50%
C. Varsity Discounts

Student-athletes must have a final weighted average of at least 80% and must not have committed any major offense or higher. Procedure on application of varsity scholarship and other qualifications are stipulated in the Varsity Agreement.

Tuition Discount Medalist
100% School-sponsored DepEd or two (2) schoolsponsored private international
50% School-sponsored DepEd or two (2) schoolsponsored private national competition Two (2) school-sponsored private
international competitions
30% School-sponsored DepEd or two (2) schoolsponsored private regional competition Two (2) school-sponsored private
national competitions
20% School-sponsored DepEd or two (2)
school-sponsored private regional
10% Division level competitions for two
consecutive years
5% Part of the official line-up of their team
for three (3) consecutive years