“In keeping with, the above vision and mission, San Jose Academy advocates and adheres to the core values of LOVE, INTEGRITY OF CREATION, FAITH and EXCELLENCE. The secondary values and their behavioral indicators represent the profile of the ideal student and graduate of the school.



A. Charity

    • Manifests simplicity and frugality in one’s lifestyle
    • Shares unconditionally and generously one’s talents, time, and resources for those in need
    • Protects the good name of others not by gossiping but through the exercise of prudence and good judgment in receiving and giving feedback


B. Prudence

  • Evaluates and reflects on any work done before taking further action
  • Shows positive values and refined habits of speech and action in social interactions
  • Respects and protects the confidentiality of privileged communication

C. Empathy

  • Demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to human misery through corporal works of mercy
  • Exercises thoughtful care, patience, and understanding in responding to the needs, feelings, and limitations of others
  • Shows respect and support for those with disabilities and handicaps


A. Preferential Love for the Poor

  • Promotes concern and protection for women, children and the disadvantaged against physical, verbal, and moral abuse
  • Acknowledges and champions the struggles of the poor, depressed, oppressed, and exploited for more humane existence
  • Supports Church-initiated advocacy programs such as the Pondo ng Pinoy

B. Courage

  • Takes a courageous stand and supports the position of the Catholic Church on current issues on morality and social justice
  • Takes risk in fighting the evils of apathy, complacency and cynicism
  • Stays kind and friendly even when confronted with rejection, hostility, or unfavorable judgment

C. Love for the Environment

  • Conserves water and energy; uses, re-uses, and recycles materials properly; uses available resources judiciously, efficiently, and responsibly,
  • Supports actively advocacy programs for the care and protection of the environment
  • Keeps surroundings clean and supports practices on proper waste management

D. Community Involvement

  • Gives generous financial support for amelioration programs for the poor
  • Appreciates the rich cultural diversities of Filipinos and promotes the best of Filipino customs and traditions
  • Works to liberate self and others from the influences of mediocrity, complacency, and cynicism


A. Piety

  • Manifests a strong sense and experience of God’s loving presence developed through reflection and prayer (e.g. Angelus, grace before and after meals, praying the rosary, visits to the Blessed Sacrament, etc.)
  • Invokes the guidance of the Holy Spirit before making critical decisions
  • Acts reverently in church and in other places of worship and prayer and cares for religious signs and symbols with utmost respect

B. Knowledge of the Catholic Faith

  • Reads and reflects on Sacred Scriptures as means of daily spiritual nourishment
  • Seeks to understand and uphold what is righteous and just as proclaimed in Church documents papal encyclicals, etc.)
  • Shows understanding of and support for the social teachings of the Church

C. Humility

  • Professes utter dependence on God’s grace as the wellspring of all goodness.
  • Accepts humbly, gratefully, and unpretentiously one’s own giftedness
  • Shows respect, cooperation, and obedience to duly designated leaders and persons of authority

D. Joy

  • Displays joyful confidence in God’s loving care
  • Proclaims joyfully the good that God does for and through people
  • Gives honest praise and appreciation for the good done by others


A. Integrity

  • Takes decisive action against all forms of dishonesty as shown in observing intellectual honesty, returning lost objects, correcting wrongdoing, and expressing oneself truthfully and unpretentiously.
  • Fulfills one’s obligations and promises faithfully.
  • Admits mistakes and accepts corrections for self-improvement

B. Competence

  • Shows love for assiduous learning through reflexive inquiry, research, etc.
  • Pursues high achievement standards in everything one does neatly, completely, and accurately.
  • Explores diverse opportunities for obtaining comprehensive information and varying perspectives on a given issue.

C. Discipline

  • Works responsibly without need for close supervision
  • Shows consistency in performing tasks systematically and competently
  • Practices industry and diligence to avoid undue dependence on others

D. Dependability

  • Makes oneself available for service where and when needed
  • Works beyond what is expected generously, freely and voluntarily
  • Remains persistent and passionate in pursuing a task or fulfilling a promise even in the face of difficulties