Welcome to San Jose Academy!

We would want to thank you on behalf of the Josenian community for allowing us to be a part of your journey. Our faculty and staff are eager to assist you as you continue to discover new ways and marvels to better comprehend and appreciate the world.

We also like to extend our congratulations. As we all know, much has since last year, and the Academy has introduced a new standard for teaching and learning via the HyFlex O.N.E. (Optimized. Networked. Engaged) Learning Program. The adjustments surely have been challenging for you and your family, but you have persevered with us amidst everything. You have come this far, and this is something to be proud of!

May San Jose Academy spark new ideas, new joys, and new strength. May this handbook assist you on your continued path as beacons of hope to everyone.

Hail, San Jose!

With loving prayers,

Mr. Rafael Patrick M. Pecjo