Student Activity Program


San Jose Academy envisions creating responsible Christian achievers by providing an excellent Catholic education. The Student Activity Program is one means of achieving this. It aims to provide a wide range of additional enriching experiences and opportunities for students outside of the regular classroom. With this, students have an opportunity to cultivate, learn, and develop other areas of their well-being. It complements the academic program in order to promote the integral development of the students and offers avenues for students to live the theories acquired in the classroom hereby facilitating academic achievement.
Through the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that the school provides, students are able to develop their Catholic faith and values. Students can also have the opportunity to grow and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.


  1. To provide opportunities for living the school’s core values;
  2. To strengthen the student’s self-esteem and high regard for the personhood of others
  3. To help students make critical analysis of social realities through individual and group reflections and to undertake proactive, coherent and sustain action plans;
  4. To develop in student leaders conceptual, human relations, and technical skills in planning, implementing and evaluating projects and activities
A. Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are closely integrated with and supplementary to the academic program. Clubs and organizations are formed according to the thrusts of each subject area. Hence, co-curricular activities are opportunities for the application of concepts, theories, values, attitudes and skills learned in the classroom.

Extra-curricular activities are designed to promote the integral development of students along areas not directly falling under the responsibilities of any subject area.

B. Varsity Program

The Varsity Program aims to provide opportunities for the students to develop their skills in different sports. It also aims to facilitate team try-outs and recruitment, provide training and upkeep of different facilities that the varsity teams uses. The San Jose Varsity Team participates in different local, regional and national competitions. The varsity players also help in the annual Intramurals.

C. Leadership Development Program

San Jose Academy envisioned creating responsible Christian achievers. These achievers are not limited to Academics, they should also possess the right leadership qualities. The school wants to enhance students’ leadership potentials in order for them to become authentic Catholic servant leaders. Thus, one of the major activities for them is the workshops/seminars that will enable them to possess the right qualities.

D. Community Involvement Program

School activities are directed towards forming a holistic student. Josenians have compassion and care not only for the community where s/he belongs, but also to his/her bigger community. Students also take an active role in the schools’ community outreach programs.

Guidance Program

This office aims to cater to the holistic needs and overall well-being of the students through different services online counseling, mental health first aid, career guidance, thematic and guidance classes, digital standardized testing, admission and recruitment, and other-related services.

Schools have a responsibility to develop students’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Its main concern is to direct and assist the individual in his or her personal and interpersonal relations.

Given the profile of school learners, there is a need to offer a comprehensive guidance program that is an integral part of the school’s total educational program.

The guidance program of activities is therefore designed to help the school promote its vision and mission, attain its philosophy, goals, and objectives, and to answer the needs of the students in the academic, social, emotional, interpersonal, and career concerns.

Program Goals

The school has adopted a comprehensive and developmental approach for implementing guidance program. The concepts of student advocacy, leadership, collaboration, and systemic change are infused throughout the school guidance program. The specific goals of the program are:

  1. To understand the school environment
  2. To secure and maintain proper students record
  3. To upgrade students competencies in their personality and leadership skills
  4. To aid students in decision making and problem–solving
  5. To determine the strengths and weaknesses of the students
  6. To develop personal values and their implication for prospective life career plans and
  7. To support students in a constructive manner at times of difficulty

Guidance Services

    The Orientation Service is designed to make all students, parents and personnel feel at home and enjoy a sense of belongingness to the community, likewise, inform them of the school’s philosophy, objectives, policies and the grading system in general. These services also make available to learners various vocational and educational opportunities and at the same time, equip them (the students) with the basic knowledge of their personal capacities needed to make wise decisions.
    The Individual Inventory Service systematically collects, evaluates, and interprets data to identify the characteristics and potential of every student. The data can be used in proper diagnoses, predicting progress and behaviors, accurate placement, and program evaluation.
    The Testing Service provide a systematic way for using tests to give information about the student’s mental ability, personality, aptitude, interests, achievements, motivation, etc. This program is a means of appraising individual and group needs, getting an overview of the student’s strengths and weaknesses are met thereby, placing them in activities that would aid them in their social development, personal growth and religious involvement. The Research Service is conducted to discover new knowledge, to advance current knowledge and to substantiate theory. It is a necessary process of obtaining feedback from the counselor regarding the validity of his/her procedures in all aspect of the guidance service. This requires a study of learners and how the guidance activities are meeting their needs.
    Counseling is the heart of the guidance program. It is the counseling service that integrates all data gathered about the students and his/her environment, in order for them to make sense. Counseling is a goal- oriented relationship between a counselor and an individual seeking help for the purpose of bringing about a meaningful awareness and understanding of the self and environment, improving planning and decision making, and formulating new ways of behaving, feeling and thinking for problem resolution and/ or development growth.
    In order to assist the students in the attainment of the school’s objective of molding true Catholics and Josenians, the service to administrators, teachers and parents has been organized. This is made possible by giving, as well as making available for them pertinent pieces of information about the students, their strengths and weaknesses, needs and other
    Career guidance developmental service is established in order to assist the students in giving information that would help them learn about the world of work and careers so that they can make appropriate decisions that will prepare them for the future.
    Placement is ensuring that students are in the right place at the right time. The placement services considers goals, values, needs, interest and capabilities in helping students find a position that is best suited for them. Follow- up Services is designed to determine the status of the person who received assistance and what other assistance must be rendered so that the service is complete and holistic. At the same time, the Follow-up service can determine the adequacy and sufficiency of the programs and services extended in meeting the needs of the students.

Prefect of Students

This office manages student deportment to ensure the maintenance of a clean, orderly, and pleasant school environment. It monitors the regular attendance and punctuality of all students in their classes. It collaborates with other offices so that all students will feel safe, respected, and satisfied in school.

The office of the Prefect of Students handles all matters pertaining to student discipline defined by the school’s mission and vision, goals, and core values. It maintains an atmosphere of friendly, cooperation, peace, discipline, and unity in the school. The office is tasked to oversee the implementation of the School Policies on proper conduct and behavior of students. POS simply extended the normal behavior guidelines to the virtual classroom with a few modifications that are suited to the home setting in our Flexible Distance Learning Program. It collaborates with other offices so that all students will feel safe, respected, and satisfied in school.